About me I Tentang Saya


Hello, I’m Eka Prasetyo. This is my personal site that becomes the container of all my ramblings and thoughts… might that reflect on my personal interests or works related.

In a glance, I’ currently working in an ad agency as an all-rounder guy, who play roles as from creative strategy to maintain as the client business owner. These things resulted in motivating me to do cool and great relevant things for brands.

On the other side, I’m pretty much:

  • Wither 4:51, check it out here
  • TourShirts-aholic
  • Modernism & SuperFlat Art enthusiast
  • \M/etal to the bones & Jazz to the soul
  • Pajero Indonesia One – ID – 585.

Another thing, you’ll find me mostly whilst wearing one of my metal band t-shirts.

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