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I’ve always been a fan of Prado, the little brother of the behemoth “Toyota Land Cruiser”. I really love how this ad captures on that differentiation between the two vehicles. Finally, after a few weeks, I’ve been able to rediscover this great ad.


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REST(inc) ~” read: Resting” AKA  (Rep)Eat Sleep Touring.

Let Yourself Rest.

REST(inc) manifested on the people needs when they are in an adventure,  especially during their “touring” activities.

We’re in the fore front creating a comfortable, stylish outlooks for your touring needs.

We enable you to reach the unknown destination at ease.

The Adventure is at both at the destination and during the journey…

No Matter we Choose, it is the right choice..

Because we’ll repeat it over and over again.

Give yourself REST… Explore a new adventure.



Need a bit of REST once in a while..

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I’ve been fiddling around to create another brain child of mine… It started with Eat Sleep Touring and Repeat… and for a while, I couldn’t grasp the right way to implement it into certain visuals where you can have its’ own manifesto or belief.

But today, I think I’ve “a least” cracked a bit into the appropriate direction… why do we need to do those activities? For certain people, it’s actually their own way or impression of getting a bit of REST…

Those little gate away that we need once in a while… I think REST really summarize the whole ideation what the “brand” direction should be.

So, let’s have a bit of REST.


Like Mother, Like Son.

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Like mother,  like son…
You always know how to trigger and get my adrenaline pumped up ya yangtie.

Twice in a row in my life I got myself in a situation that I need to take a very exciting yet challenging voyage just to say a last goodbye to a particular person. You’re being the honourary second one.

Now you’re closer with Pak Adi, so you can getting closer hangout and have that meaningful morning talks with him over cuppa tea.

So Goodbye Yangtie, salam buat Yangtung And please get Pak Adi to introduce you to the other Pak Adi. 🙏🙏

Pajero Sport – Badge / Embroidery thingy

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I’ve been in the mood of creating a simple t-shirt Ala Lyle & Scott where the logo is shown in a very simple and small size… a very “polite” design I must say.

Now I’ve been trying to do the same thing but with my current favourite vehicle Pajero Sport. It’s mean to be very simple… nothing extra ordinary… a very plus point if someone will ask what silhouette is that…

Here are my current attempts to create that simple and minimalist design.

Top are the silhouette attempts, where as the bottom bit showing the implementation on tshirts.